• High quality benefits

    High quality benefits

    The permanent professional concern for continuously improved high quality benefits, led us to the creation of a specialized department for renting limousines and cars with drivers, on VIP services of transportation.

  • Maximum Luxury

    Maximum Luxury

    The company has served with success, congresses, cultural and nuptial events, VIP transfers etc.

  • Excellent rent a services

    Excellent rent a services

    Excellent Luxury Car and Bus Services, with the modern fleet she holds, along with the highly trained drivers team, offers remarkable services of renting luxurious cars and buses in all Greece.



• 24-hour service with highly trained, foreign languages speaking drivers.
• Disposal for social events (birthday parties, bachelor nights, engagements, weddings, etc).
• Possibility for disposal all over Greece.
• Exploitation of vehicles for filming, photo shooting, other promotional events.

Permanently renewed fleet of vehicles: The fleet of our vehicles is renewed continuously maintaining their average age low. Today we own 29 luxurious buses of 9-77 seats all at the latest technology fully equipped with telematics system.

Maintenance in the private-owned station of service: The maintenance of buses is done from specialized engineers in the privately-owned station of service according to the specifications of the manufacturers, always ensuring the most excellent situation in the buses.

Drivers with experience: All our drivers have multiannual collaboration with our office and experience in itineraries in Greece and the abroad. They are particularly friendly and helpful in each wish. Moreover they are in permanent communication with the operations office with wireless communication and mobile telephony.

Comforts at transfers: The buses are equipped with panoramic windows, air conditioning, toilet, television, DVD, sound installation, as well as mini cooker for refreshments, water and coffee.

24-hour service: We offer 24-hour service with specialized safety personnel in the centre of co-ordination of office for really direct and reliable service.